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A-SYST is an IT services company, established in 2004. We are experienced IT professionals with a proven track record in our fields of expertise.

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Our customers can be confident that they are always served by highly skilled, motivated staff, trained in the latest technologies.

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In-depth expertise gained from 15+ years developing various ATM-related projects for large orfanisations like, amongst others, EUROCONTROL.
Home expertise it 08cc6d074fb550a054c343b52e875a3dde347b6ae1b9c0ea21a91176c68f4bd5
Project Management
Agile & Custom developments
Recruitment and outsourcing
Infractructure advice and audit services
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Specialists in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing activities:
ETL , Dashboarding & Reporting , Datamarts/DWH design & modeling, ...
Home expertise oracle 6394f71aeaf8ae93ed8fbe46c2e89442af070f2baec7048dea80a7c29d855a69
License optimisation, Administration, Migration and Support, Development, ...
Specialised in Oracle Text and Oracle Identity Management



Our main objective is to satisfy the increasing demand for IT outsourcing.


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L-8232 Mamer

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