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A-SYST is an IT services company, established in 2004. We are experienced IT professionals with a proven track record in our fields of expertise.

Our main objective is to satisfy the increasing demand for IT outsourcing. We help to reduce the financial and resource burden of our clients by taking the responsibility for all, or part of, their IT-related activities.

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We have extensive experience in many domains particularly: the Air Traffic Management, Public Administration, Banking, Customs and Excise and Telecommunications domains.


A major part of our business is the provision of Oracle consultants.


Our policy is to keep our consultants up-to-date in the latest technologies which we achieve through continuous investment in training and research.

Some of the benefits of working with us are:

  • Flexible, scalable teams to meet specific needs and circumstances
  • Access to proven, experienced IT professionals and their associated skill-sets
  • Emphasis on high levels of Service levels
  • Industrialised documented processes and systems
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Route de Holzem, 3
L-8232 Mamer

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